The Critical Visions Certificate is available to all undergraduates and non-matriculated students who complete the required 22 credits outlined below. The program includes three core courses, one studio, and three electives.

Access the complete curriculum guide here.

Non-DAAP students should contact Stephanie Sadre-Orafai for advising help and Jordan Tate for assistance accessing DAAP studios. DAAP students should contact Jordan Tate for advising help.

Core Courses
3 courses required

Students should complete the two introductory core courses and studio requirement before enrolling in the capstone. The core introductory courses are offered every fall. The capstone is offered every other spring, in even years.

  • ANTH 3074 Forms of Seeing (3 credits)

  • FAA 1080 Intro to Contemporary Art & Visual Culture (3 credits)

  • ANTH/FAA 5075 Critical Visions (4 credits)

1 course required, at or above 2000-level

Students will take at least one studio and/or media production course at or above the 200/2000-level from the approved studio list. While enrollment in the certificate program provides special access for non-DAAP students to enroll in Fine Arts studios without completing the Foundations requirement, students will still need to seek instructor approval. Intermediate and advanced courses may still require prerequisites. Students may petition the co-directors of the certificate to substitute alternative studios, pending space and instructor approval. As CCM is not a formal partner in this certificate, access to its studios are subject to space and instructor approval for certificate students.

Historical and Cultural Perspectives
1 course required

Students must choose one course from the approved electives list to satisfy the Historical and Cultural Perspective Elective requirement. Upper-division courses may still require prerequisites. Students may petition the certificate co-directors to substitute other courses.

General Electives
2 courses required

Students must choose two courses from the approved General Electives list to meet this requirement. Only one course below the 2000-level may be applied toward the general electives requirement. Upper-division courses may still require prerequisites. Students may petition the certificate co-directors to substitute other courses.



College of Arts & Sciences

DMC 2000, Digital Storytelling I, TR, 9:30– 10:50, Knippling
DMC 2001, Digital Storytelling II, TR, 2:30-3:50, Staff
DMC 2130, Introduction to Filmmaking, T, 4:00–6:50, Allen
DMC 2130, Introduction to Filmmaking, MWF, 10:10–11:05, O’Farrell
DMC 2150, Design Skills for Film and Media, TR, 11:00–12:20, Vogel
DMC 3166, Documentary Production, T, 4:00– 6:50, Andrews

College–Conservatory of Music 

EMED 2001, Digital Video, MW, 2:00–3:20, Allen
EMED 2001, Digital Video, MW, 12:30­–1:50, Staff
EMED 3001, Single Camera Production, MW , 3:30–4:50, Staff
EMED 3010, New Media 2, TR, 12:30–1:50, Staff

College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning

FAA 2012, Intro to Wheel, TR, 5:00–7:50, Parker
FAA 2021, Life Drawing 1, TR, 2:00–4:50, Sanchez
FAA 2031, Introduction to 3D Animation Art for Artists, MW, 8:00–10:50, Carroll
FAA 2032, Introduction to Game Art, TR, 2:00–4:50, Britton
FAA 2038, Introduction to Video for Artists, MW, 1:25–4:15, Staff
FAA 2041, Introduction to Painting, MW, 5:00–7:50, Scrimenti
FAA 2041, Introduction to Painting, MW, 8:00-10:50, Sanchez
FAA 2053, Introduction to Lithography , MW, 8:00–10:50, Rosh
FAA 2054, Introduction to Relief Printmaking, TR, 2:00– 4:50, Lewis
FAA 2061, Introduction to Sculpture, TR, 8:00–10:50, Vosel
FAA 2074, Introduction to Photography (DSLR) , TR, 8:00–10:50, Staff
FAA 2076, Introduction to Film Photography, MW, 8:00–10:50, Molina
FAA 3021, Life Drawing 2, MW, 1:25–4:15, Butcher 
FAA 3041, Intermediate Painting, TR, 8:00-10:50, Harris
FAA 3075, Intermediate Photo: Studio Photo & Lighting, MW, 1:25-4:15, Molina
FAA 4011, Advanced Ceramics, MW, 1:25-4:15, Davis
FAA 4051, Advanced Printmaking, TR, 8:00-10:50, Curreri
FAA 4071, Advanced Photography, TR, 2:00-4:50, Tate
FAA 5113, Mold Making for Ceramics, MW, 8:00-10:50, Davis
FAA 5132, Game Art (w/DMC5169), TR, 8:00-10:50, Britton
FAA 5160, Duct Tape Sculpture, F, 8:00-10:50, Wolhoy
FAA 5164, Figure Sculpture, TR, 8:00-10:50, Yu & Branham
FAA 5165, Sculpture Foundry, TR, 5:00–7:50, Allen
FAA 5169, Fiber Sculpture, TR, 2:00–4:50, Little


College of Arts and Sciences

AFST 3004, Contemporary Black Film, W, 2:30-5:20, Jones
AIST 2085, Demons, Ghosts, and Monsters in Japan, TR, 11:00–12:20, Ivanova
ANTH 3027, Identities and Material Culture, TR, 9:30-10:50, Jackson 
DMC 3072, Diversity in Film and Television, TBA, TBA, Staff
HIST 3017, African American History and Film, M, 5:00-7:50PM, McGee
FILM 2005, Classics & Cinema, TR, 3:30–4:50, Weir
FILM 2005, Arab Cinema: Culture & Identity , TR, 12:30-1:50, Cadora
FILM 2005, Jews in World Cinema, TR, 3:30–4:50, Porte
FILM 2053, Nazi(s in) Cinema, TR, 11:00–12:20, Nusser
FILM 3001, Women Make Films, WEB, Online, Epstein

College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning

ARTH 5165, Photography and Visual Culture since 1945, W, 6:00–8:50 , Seda-Reeder
DSGN 1071 , Interdisciplinary User-Centered Design, T, 6:00-8:50, Trischler
DSGN 1081, Sources of Modern Design, TR, 11:00–12:20, Vogel
FASH 2099C, Documenting a Fashion Icon, T, 4:00–6:50, Krivickas
INTD 3021, Interior Design History Theory Criticism, TR, 11:00–12:20, Suh


College of Arts and Sciences

ANTH 2072, Anthropology of Media, TR, 11:00-12:20, Sadre-Orafai
ANTH 4078, Beauty, Race & Gender in the Marketplace, TR, 2:00-3:20, Sadre-Orafai
COMM 2026, Introduction to Mass Communication, WEB, Online, Mitchell
COMM 4013, Gender and Communication, WEB, Online, Sabourin
DMC 2050, Classic Hollywood Film Structures, W, 2:00–4:50, Benedyk
ENGL 3074, Rhetoric of Social Media, MWF, 12;20–1:15, Wilson
FILM 2001, Exploring Screen Media, TR, 2:00–3:20, Braeunert
FILM 2005, Journalism in Film, M, 3:35–6:20, Blevins
FILM 2008, Game Studies and New Media, MWF, 11:15–12:10, Torner
JOUR 2035, Visual Reporting and Storytelling, MWF, 12:20–1:15, Hughes
JOUR 3070C, Photojournalism, MWF, 9:05–10:00, Hughes
WGS 2061, Gender in Popular Culture, WEB, Online, McEntyre
WGS 2062, Women and Activism, TR, 2:00–3:20, Dutt
WGS 4021, Comparative Black Feminisms, M, 2:30–5:20, Norwood

College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning

ARTH 5107, Dissolving the White Cube, M, 6:00–8:50 , Paice
DAAP 1012, Race and Identity in American Art and Culture, MWF, 12:20–1:25, Tate
DAAP 2013, A Non-Designer’s Guide to Graphic Design, MW, 9:00–10:20 , Beckmeyer
DAAP 2021, Fashion in the Public Eye, TR, 11:00–12:20, Wilson
DAAP 3000, Applied Trend Research and Analysis, MW, 6:00–7:20, Flannery
FAA 1085, Current Arts Forum, TR, 5:00–6:20, Seda-Reeder
FASH 3030, Trend Forecasting: Research Method. & Dvlpmt, F, 8:00–10:50, Brandewie